Welcome to jQuery Shaker Plugin

Shake login form on error/ validation

Tired of the plain old boring login forms? How about we add some jazz!    If you have ever typed in your password wrongly on your Mac, you would have seen that the login screen will vibrate and kinda shriek to indicate that the password you entered is wrong. I always found that rather cool! It’s surprising how little this trick is being used in web applications today. So, I thought I will write up a tutorial on how to get this going.

What is it?

This is complete LOGIN module including shaking effect if anyone enter wrong login credentials. click on download now button to instant download latest version.


click here to see demo


  • Easy to Use.
  • Light weight script.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Support almost all browsers.

Browser Compatibility

jQuery Shaker actively supports these browsers:

Any problem with them should be considered and reported as a bug in jQuery Shaker.

created by:
Ashwani Kumar



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  1. Rakesh says:

    hey frendz this is an excellent code, i have tried it

  2. satty says:

    good job bro…

  3. sandeep says:

    nice code

  4. Josh says:

    Your code is nice and works effectively if there is no margin to begin with. However, it messes up when there is a margin.

    This is easily fix by compensating for the initial margin in the calculations.

    See here – http://joshcronin.tk/jqueryshaker.js

  5. Thanks for the lib, but it will fail when the initial margin of an element the shaker is applied to is negative…had to adjust it by myself.

  6. Jesse says:

    Nice! Is there anyway to get the shake to not happen when the page initially loads?

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